About 36frames

About 36frames Wedding Photography and Videography.

About 36frames and Ruey Loon

Short summary: I would consider myself an introvert, offering services other introverts would appreciate :)


Q: Who are you?

A: Just a simple guy trying to take the best photos. Other than weddings I also shoot commercial works, you can view them at www.supergrapher.com. I have 2 dogs and I stay in town. 


Q: How long have you been in the industry.

A: 36frames was set up in 2002. So I have been around for quite a while. 


Q: What is your style or approach to wedding photography

A: I take very simple, clear and direct photos. No forced nor weird compositions. I let the day roll on naturally and I capture the moments as they present themselves. No funny jokes from me and no directions unless absolutely necessary. I believe in letting my presence be absolutely forgettable on the wedding day, I work quietly around you and allow you to take in the day's experience. 


Q: What couples do you match best with?

A: A majority of my couples are self-confessed people who "do not like to pose". Personally, I feel that a couple should be able enjoy the wedding day and not be bothered with the photographer. I offer my services as what I would have wanted for myself; a photographer who does his work quietly in the background and not one who tries to be the life the party or crack jokes at inappropriate times. If what you read made sense, I guess we are a match.