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4 Wedding Day Tips For Introverts

A wedding day is an extroverts dream come true. A day where it really is all about you, with tons of attention, compliments and photos. However for introverts, the thought of having all eyes on them, standing before family and friends to read vows and pose for photos is enough to make a bashful bride want to forgo the wedding altogether and elope!

Keeping in mind that it truly is your day and no demands are off the table, use that to your advantage to tame the stress and drama of the day. We have 4 tips and tricks that will make wedding day a whole lot more comfortable for quiet couples.

bride prepares on the morning of wedding day

Make the day your own

Make your fears and intentions known so that your wedding planner, family and friends can help you make this day special for you without going overboard. It might be difficult talking your parents out of inviting their second best friend's neighbour from primary school, but you may want to keep the wedding party small, trimming the guest list for a more intimate event. I only had 10 tables for close friends and relatives for my own wedding banquet; extended family and friends were invited to the Church reception.

Leave your phone alone!

Make your wedding planner and your maid of honor into “gatekeepers.” Your gatekeepers will field any and all wedding day detail snags, questions and concerns from vendors and guests so the you, as the bride, can focus all your attention on making it down the aisle without fainting.

Keep it simple

There are a few attention-grabbing traditions that you can quietly backout from and replace with your own quiet moments. While the gate-crashing tradition does yield interesting photos, over the years I have noticed that more couples are forgoing it. Seeing each other for the first time in your wedding attire at the alter is a time honored tradition but if you or your groom find the stress of that moment too agonizing you can arrange a private “first look” moment with just the two of you beforehand. This is a great intimate moment that your photographer can quietly catch on film.

To speak or not to speak

While we’re at it, if public speaking isn’t your thing, there is no rule that says you have to read vows during your ceremony. You can arrange with your wedding officiant for them to say the vows and for you to simply respond with, “I do.” You and your beloved can always exchange longer private vows with each other over your first honeymoon dinner. The same goes for the wedding dinner speeches.

Every bride deserves to have her perfect day, no matter if it’s a huge traditional blowout or a small quiet affair. An introverted bride can certainly have an eloquent, memorable, wedding day without all the fuss and drama.